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A Shout Out at all Employers

Companies avoid utilising the services of an independent chairman due to the COST implications.  WRONG CALL!!!!

Utilising the services of an independent chairman has the following important advantages:

Has no prior knowledge of the incident and is therefore OBJECTIVE

Will ensure that there is a fair reason for the dismissal.

Will ensure that the correct process is followed.

Is professional and understands how to analyze evidence and derive to a logical conclusion.

Most important of all is the likelihood that an independent chairman will reach the same verdict as a CCMA commissioner, since he/she is also a labour law expert.  The verdict will be purely based on fact and not opinion.

Jean du Rand is a Port Elizabeth based Industrial Psychologist specialising in psychometric testing, career counselling, organisational interventions and labour relations.  Jean du Rand features on Bay FM between 11:00 and 12:00 every last Monday of the month.  The Bay FM feature is supplemented by an article in the Work/Werk section of the Burger on the corresponding Monday.  Jean is well-known in industry and also a part-time Human Resources lecturer at Varsity College.

View www.jeandurand.co.za and send your career or workplace queries to info@jeandurand.co.za.